The Lying Cow Bar

Lying cow,Ban Chang, Thailand

The lying cow’s cold beer

The Lying cow prides its self on some of the coldest beer in Ban Chang, Hat Nam Rin and the beach area, all thanks to our…so if you like a cold one come n try us

Early birds at The Lying cow, Ban Chang

Good friends come for an Early Drink at The Lying cow, another thats fallen in love with our little strip, always good fun, cool breezes, all of our outside areas are covered so no burning in the sun or getting…
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The Lying cow, few new photos

Just Thought id add a few new pics, good to see friends, for low season not to bad here at Nam Rin Beach. Rain last night was brutal but needed, lost electric and it got warm quick despite the torrential…
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Public opinion and help

I need some public opinion here, since you are the ones looking at my website, what would you like to see more of or less of, are colours too much, are pages too busy…what information do you require, what interaction…
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